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Intelligent,Durable And More


HOLUX focus on high-standard LED lighting. For European standards, we are excellent in: Designing products specific to European market.Smoothing the purchase process for customers and Keeping sufficient supplies of raw materials and finished prodcuts. We have engineers, designers and QC who update their knowledge and technique according to latest development in the field. Our two production bases located respectively in Anhui and Zhejiang.

Our Mission

We've noticed that sometimes European customers face problems when order lighting products from China, especially with those small or specified orders. This is because many Chinese factories are not familiar with European standards and feel difficult to adapt to them. Therefore, HOLUX is making a difference by experting in European market, optimizing sources and creating best experience for customers. We are always listening to your needs, and by all these efforts we make our constantly pursuit for craftsman's spirit.

Production process

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